Cockpit checks


Doors- Make sure all doors are fully closed, look
in the wing mirrors to see sides of the car flush with door. If the doors are
open you might notice the interior light still on or most new cars have a
beeping noise if the doors are still open.

Seat – Make sure
the seat is properly adjusted. Sit well back into your seat, push down your
clutch pedal fully and adjust the seat so that your leg is slightly bent, adjust
the rake on your seat so that your arms are slightly bent and adjust the head
restraint so that it gives the best protection in the event of a crash.

Seat Belt – Make sure you fasten your
seatbelt with no twists and make sure if you are carrying any passengers under
the age of 14 that they are wearing their seatbelt as this is your

Mirrors – Make sure all
mirrors are properly adjusted. Make sure in the interior mirror you can see
top, bottom and both sides of rear window from your driving position. In your
wing mirrors you need too see a small amount of your car (approx 2cm) and line
the bottom of the wing mirror with the door handle.

Before you start the car
ensure your handbrake is on and your gearstick is in neutral.

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