Lights & Crossings


The sequence at traffic lights Red/stop Red-Amber/stop Green/go if
safe to proceed Amber/stop unless passed stop line or if you pull up you might
cause an accident Red/stop When approaching traffic lights check your mirrors
and ease off your speed a little anticipating that they might change as you are
getting there.

Pedestrian crossings

The main pedestrian crossings you
may come across are zebra, pelican, toucan, puffin. Zebra has black and white
lines painted on the road with yellow flasing beacons, pelicans are have yellow
wait boxes on traffic lights and a flshing amber after the red light which means
give way to pedestrains but if it is clear then you can go, toucans are used by
pedestrians and cyclists and puffins are controlled by stop boxes, sensors had
have normal traffic light sequence. When approaching all crossings check your
mirrors early and start to assess either side of the crossing for clues of
whether you will need to stop. Look for wait boxes, pedestrians stood waiting
or pedestrians approaching who are going to be there at same time you. If you
feel you cant go or things might change then adjust your speed

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