Move off/stop


Prepare Push your clutch fully down the the floor,
palm your gearstick into 1st, gently set your gas and find biting point with
your clutch, keep both feet still.

Observe Observations
before you set off. Check all 3 mirrors, both shoulders and well ahead. If you
feel it is safe then consider a signal.

Move If you are ready to move then release
the handbrake, slowly bring your cluth up, gently increase your gas and steer
to your normal dring position which is approx 1m from the kerb. Check your
mirrors to see it is safe behind then build up to the speed of the


When you are asked to pull up, check your mirrors and
then start looking for safe and convenient place to park. When you have chosen a
safe place then you will need to go through your stopping routine. Check middle
and left mirror, signal if you feel it will benefit other road users, ease off
the gas pedal and start braking to a gentle stop, your cluth will have to go
down about 3 car lengths before you stop to avoid stalling, when stopping try to
stop approx 6 inches from the kerb and when you are fully stopped apply your
handbrake and put gearstick into neutral.

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